Job Dilema – Company 2 Overview

Job Dilema – Company 2 Overview

Type of Company – Smaller company that develops software for 401ks, pensions, and payroll

My Role – I would be part of a growing development team. Top notch all the way around, would be using latest and greatest, very intelligent people, very developer centric. Top of the line equipment, could wear shorts and t-shirts to work, looks it would be a blast to work there.

Career Advancement – Not sure about moving up, but whatever skills I don’t have already I would have after working here for a few years and I guess would have even better luck at finding a new job if I found it necessary.
Work schedule – Told 40 hours is the norm, the believe that their people can get done what they need to get done in 40 hours.

Drive Time – 55-60 minutes in ideal conditions, due to location and only one good way to get there with a horrible bridge for traffic it could be 90 minutes + in bad weather and bad traffic.

Salary – $78,000 and I would be at the lowest end of their pay scale. They are willing to bring people in at $100,000 per year but don’t like boosting people entirely too much off the bat (only $16k 🙂 ), but if I pan out again I can expect to move up through that range.

401k –401k match 100% of first 3%. Has vesting schedule.

Health insurance and Dental – $320 per paycheck for health and dental with $3,000 deductible and 90% coverage with a max of $5,000 out of pocket. They do however contribute 106 per paycheck to your HSA account.
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