Job Dilema – Company 3 Overview

Job Dilema – Company 3 Overview

Type of Company – Consulting Company

My Role – Consultant, would vary from project to project

Career Advancement – Not really room to move up their corp ladder as it is pretty flat, Administrative and consultants, possibly project manager positions, but not really. Obviously could get boost in pay but it is very dependent upon what client is willing to pay versus for me versus my true performance.

Drive Time – Assured would only get put in positions within 30-35 minutes of my house, currently trying to place me at a place 20 minutes away.

Salary – Would vary because I would be hourly. Good news is if I had to work over 40 (which I am told is entirely up to me and the client) I would be getting paid so OT isn’t nearly that bad. Bad news is if I don’t have an assignment I am not getting paid. I do however get 4 weeks PTO and 6 sick days so the risk is a lot less than other hourly consultants I know. Have been quoted $37 /hr = $77,000 per year. I personally think this is low for that type of work and think it should be somewhere between $40-$50/hr for this area minimum.

401k –Match 50% of the first 6% – fully vested after 5 years.

Health insurance and Dental – $250 per paycheck with $4,000 deductible and 80% coverage with max out of pocket of $8,000.

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