Job Dilema – Company 1 Overview

Job Dilema – Company 1 Overview

Type of Company – Big Health insurance company

My Role – I would be the top person for a department of 15 people – in fact I would be by FAR the most technically savvy person in this department. So I would have a lot of say in how we solve problems, but the technology is a couple years behind on the programming side and 15 years behind on the database side. Those technologies I would not be able to change.

Career Advancement – Was told that manager positions open up on occasionally and I would have an opportunity to apply for that if I wanted.

Work schedule – Really hammered down on hours and was told 40 is the norm and they have a flexible schedule so if I needed to come in early or leave a couple hours early to take care of family issues it would not be a problem.

Drive Time – 40 minutes in ideal conditions

Salary – $71,000 and I would be eligible for a raise in 5 months and if I am everything they hope I am I would get a boost in pay right away. No bonus but they try to tell me they are a pay performance company so I would see it in raises.

401k – 401k match of 50% up to 3% of your salary, fully vested after 3 years. They also have a seperate retirement plan that I would be eligible for in two years that is fully funded by the company. Annual contributions of 4 percent of total eligible compensation plus 4 percent of any eligible compensation over the Social Security taxable wage base. Choice of investment options.

Health insurance and Dental – No idea here, because they are a health insurance company they allow you to build your own health insurance plan, so there are tons of options. Ranging anywhere from $25 per paycheck to $165 per paycheck for both health and dental for family plans. Talking to my future boss he pays like $60 per paycheck for both and its 100% coverage and the deductible was like $2,000. On top of that they contribute $1,300 per year to a HSA account for you, so the insurance is dirt cheap. In his example depending up if there are copays I could pay as little as $2200 a year in premiums and deductible.

Additional Benefits – On-site cafeteria, nice workout facility, softball fields, running trails, basketball hoops, convenience store, etc. Company paid life insurance $50,000, company paid short-term disability 66% of salary till LTD kicks in, LTD is company paid 66% of salary.

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