Retirement Nestegg Report – August 2012

Retirement Nestegg Report – August 2012

Well I got back some of the performance losses from last month and my retirement nestegg hit a new all-time high. My whole financial situation is still sort on hold as we look to buy some land so I am hesitant to make my Roth IRA contributions or increase my 401k until we know exactly what is going on with regards to a land purchase so this means my retirement nestegg is growing at a much slower pace than it should be and has been for the last couple of years.

I guess the good news is I did a lot of the work before I turned 30 so this situation isn’t going to ruin me financially I don’t think in the long term, but this land purchase or waiting to purchase sure is putting a crimp in my financial mojo.

I have for quite a while now had more than enough money in my checking account to pay off the mortgage on our existing house and the arbitrage between my mortgage rate and my checking account interest rate is not in my favor and at last count was costing me about $300 a month in interest and has been like I said for probably over a year now.

On top of that I have been scaling back our retirement account contributions all so I can put a huge pile of cash in the bank at one of the lowest interest rate times in US history. Bottom line don’t do what I am doing 🙂

Traditional Rollover IRA – $15,510.02 (6.51%)
My Roth IRA – $55,341.82(+5.75%)
Wife Roth IRA – $29,744.15 (+2.66%)
Traditional 401k – $113,394.22 (+3.06%)

Roth/Traditional % = 39.76% (tax free)

Total Retirement Nest Egg $213,990.21 (+3.93%)

Monthly Contributions $1,072.92 (401k)
SPY Performance +2.56%
My Monthly Investment Performance +3.41% (+1.33%)
My Monthly Individual Stocks Performance +4.93% (+2.37%)