My Best and Worst Stocks in 2022

My Best and Worst Stocks in 2022

In annual tradition I will list my best and worst individual stock performers for 2022.

My best performers
Starbucks -14.98%
Chipotle -17.93%
Vanguard Institutional Index Fund -21.25%
Vanguard PrimeCap Fund -23.59%
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners -23.91%

Well obviously it was a rough year if I have to celebrate the investment holdings that didn’t lose more than a quarter of their value in the year. I really only had 3 investments hold up better than the market and overall it was a brutal year, but not to be unexpected

My worst performers
Upstart -90.86%
Fubo -89.26%
Shopify -74.54%
Tesla -69.20%

Now this list is equally brutal and to make matters worse Shopify and Tesla are on the list and going into this year just those two stocks accounted for 47% of my nestegg. Definitely hurts, but it is the price of admission. Also while it makes sense for me to do this in annual tradition, I do not buy investments with a holding period of 12 months. So while it might be terrifying to some to see ever investment you own lose money and your largest investment drop by 69%, I tend to take a longer term view and am not changing anything because of this 12 month period the results were horrible. I held Tesla through many down years and again if we take a step back and zoom out just a tad bit things look pretty darn good.

Even if I only zoom out to 3 years Tesla has returned 329.50% during that time and if we go back 10 years we are looking at 5209.48%. Despite everything you see in the news and from the financial media, investing is a marathon and not a sprint and the ability to ignore the noise is what separates people who make money and who don’t. I look like the worst investor in the world if you only look at 2022, but I think if you come back and see how I’m doing in 2032, 2022 won’t even be a blip on the radar.