Interim Retirement Nestegg Report – I broke $500,000

Interim Retirement Nestegg Report – I broke $500,000

Well it took a little longer than last time, but compound interest is still working its magic with my retirement nestegg. Today I officially broke through the $500,000 mark for the first time. This milestone came 14 months after the $400k milestone which was actually slower than it took to go from $300k to $400k, but this market is not exactly the magical market that existed in 2013.

The more I update those tables below the more I question why I used a stupid metric like the DOW as an indicator, I think the only reason I chose it was because of the nice symmetry for when I first broke through $100k and the DOW also being at exactly 10,000 – anyway you get the idea that my nestegg is growing faster than the ridiculously dumb and outdated DOW index 🙂

I also broke through another milestone this month – my wife and I had our 5th kid! While this certainly won’t help me financially I think it carries some weight to the fact that you can’t use kids as an excuse as to why you are not achieving your financial goals/dreams. 5 kids and 1 income have worked out just fine for me to reach $500k in retirement assets at age 35 – and I am hardly hardcore when it comes to being frugal – though I’m also not a moron generally when it comes to spending money either. So it’s been a nice balance I’ve been able to work out.

Taxable Account – $17,678.94
Traditional Rollover IRA – $37,561.08
My Roth IRA – $133,790.44
Wife Roth IRA – $77,432.67
Traditional 401k – $236,145.41

Total Retirement Nestegg – $502,617.54

$100,000 NestEgg Milestones

Date DOW Jones Value MFJ Nestegg
Oct 2008 10,000 $ 69,300
Oct 2009 10,000 (+0%) $100,000 (+44%)
Feb 2012 13,000 (+30%) $200,000 (+100%)
Jul 2013 15,423 (+19%) $300,000 (+50%)
Feb 2014 16,395.88 (+6.3%) $400,000 (+33%)
April 2015 18,084.48 (+10.30%) $500,000 (+25%)