The best of in 2007

The best of in 2007

I thought this would be a good place to highlight what I consider some of my favorite or best posts of 2007.

Get Rich!! Play the Lottery!! Somebody has to win!!
– my thoughts on the lottery.

The true cost of owning a home – or reasons why renting isn’t all that bad.
– was true before the housing bubble and is true after the housing bubble.

Save for tomorrow – but don’t forget to live today
– I can’t take the credit for this post, but probably the most powerful advice on my site.

I just don’t get it – what is the big deal about gas prices?
– Probably one of my favorite rants – stop complaining about gas prices 🙂

The fine line of frugality
– It can be a fine line sometimes.

Frugal cure for a sore throat
– probably not my best writing but certainly the most popular post on this site.

My Financial Journey’s pimp ride version 2
– still as pimp as the day I bought it. I’ve also had zero issues with the car since I bought it (setting myself up with that statement)

Why thinking you are smart enough to know where the market is going is so dangerous.
– please don’t adjust your retirement plan based on short term results or doom and gloom forecasting.

Another Financial Goal: My very own full court basketball court
– I’ve got to get working on this one.