Retirement Nestegg Report – September 2010

Retirement Nestegg Report – September 2010

Well another really good month for both my retirement nestegg and for my individual investment performance. My individual stock portfolio outperformed the SP500 by over 5.5% this month. It’s almost scary how much many of my stocks have gone up recently and I keep thinking to myself that something has to give as I have quite a few stocks that are up 50%,100% or more just this year. Netflix and Chipotle being two stocks that just don’t seem to want to stop. I am up over 700% on my first purchase of Netflix and my entire position is up over 600% in a relatively short period of time.

Obviously things can’t go like this forever and I expect that quite a few of my stocks are due for a major pullback, but you could have made a really good argument when Netflix jumped from the $20s to $70 in such a short period of time – now it was over $170 just yesterday. I guess I am more of a buy and hold type of investor and so far it surely has been paying off for me as I’ve easily beaten the SP500 the last few years. Much of that credit should go to the Motley Fool and the newsletters I subscribe to and the excellent community members that have helped me learn along the way – especially Tom Engle (TMF1000)

Anyway back to the monthly report – see below as I’m edging closer to $150k and to think less than a year ago I was celebrating breaking $100k for the first time….

Traditional Rollover IRA – $12,212.25 (+11.01%)
My Roth IRA – $39,668.17 (+13.91%)
Wife Roth IRA – $22,752.34 (+15.43%)
Current Traditional 401k – $70,550.00 (+11.32%)

Roth/Traditional % = 42.99 % (tax free)

Total Retirement Nest Egg $145,182.76 (+12.62%)

Monthly Contributions $605.84 (401k)
SPY Performance +8.38%
My Monthly Investment Performance +12.15% (+3.77%)
My Monthly Individual Stocks Performance +13.89% (+5.51%)