Retirement Nestegg Report – November 2013

Retirement Nestegg Report – November 2013

As usual another new high and another significant out performance by my investments of the SP500 index. This really cannot go on forever as I’ve had many years worth of gains just this year alone. Let’s hope for another financial apocalypse sometime soon. In related news I have finally I believe secured a piece of land to build our house on. After many years of searching we have a signed purchase agreement for 15 acres of land and will likely be building next year. Poor financial decision, but not everything is about dollars and cents and hopefully with this out of the way in 2014 I can concentrate more on our finances going forward. Meanwhile this cruise control thing has worked out pretty good for us.

Taxable Account – $ 2,843.34 (+11.91%)
Traditional Rollover IRA – $27,577.98 (+4.43%)
My Roth IRA – $ 102,201.93 (+5.03%)
Wife Roth IRA – $54,249.70 (+3.89%)
Traditional 401k – $169,066.71 (+2.48%)

Roth/Traditional % = 43.57% (tax free)

Total Retirement Nest Egg $355,939.66 (+3.64%)

Monthly Contributions $736.74 (401k) $1500 (Wife Roth IRA)
SPY Performance +2.81%
My Monthly Investment Performance +2.98% (+0.17%)
My Monthly Individual Stocks Performance +3.86% (+1.05%)