Retirement Nestegg Report May 2020

Retirement Nestegg Report May 2020

Well another banner month for my retirement nestegg to finish at an all time monthly high after putting on another 95k. Year to date so far this has been my best investing year ever with my individual stock portfolio returning 42.36% YTD compared to the SP500 YTD total of -5.77% for an outperformance of over 48% YTD!!

In even more important news as June approaches I now enter my summer off time period from work where I take an unpaid absence off work to spend time with my family for the summer months! This is the whole point of everything on this blog and all of the steps I started taking over 15 years ago to give me the freedom to worry about the important things in life instead of money.

Fidelity Taxable – $4,610.92(+24.79%)
Taxable Account- $108,668.06(+6.07%)
Private Stock $72,000 (+0.00%)
Traditional Rollover IRA – $60,454.15 (+14.50%)
My Roth IRA – $449,181.40(+7.73%)
Wife Roth IRA – $268,514.01(+7.88%)
Wife 401k – $4,513.78(+4.74%)
Traditional 401k – $527,431.04(+5.63%)

Roth/(Traditional+Taxable) % = 47.99% (tax free)

Total Retirement Nest Egg $1,495,373.36(+6.78%)
Retirement Salary (4%) $59,814

Monthly Contributions $1370.24(401k)
SP500 Performance +4.53%
My Monthly Investment Performance +6.68% (+2.15% vs SP500)
My Monthly Individual Stocks Performance +8.00% (+3.47% vs SP500)