Retirement Nestegg Report May 2019

Retirement Nestegg Report May 2019

Well a little bit of a rough month for my retirement nestegg as it decreased nearly $80,000 this month. I feel pretty good about the fact that my nestegg is big enough to lose $80,000 in a single month. Some day I hope to lose much more in a single month 🙂

While my retirement nestegg might not be headed the right direction this month, my overall retirement journey made a pretty big leap forward as my employer approved me going part-time this summer with the idea that I will be taking a significant portion of the summer completely off. This will allow me to enjoy the summer with my kids and well yeah is the whole point of why I save and invest. I have the flexibility to choose enjoying life and not having to worry about money and that is an amazing feeling.

Taxable Account- $48,973.88(-11.09%)
Private Stock $72,000 (+0.00%)
Traditional Rollover IRA – $39,104.67(-7.41%)
My Roth IRA – $247,652.39(-8.89%)
Wife Roth IRA – $158,949.94(-7.72%)
Wife 401k – $4,013.68(-6.38%)
Traditional 401k – $466,968.11(-6.43%)

Roth/Traditional % = 39.76% (tax free)

Total Retirement Nest Egg $1,037,662.67(-7.08%)
Retirement Salary (4%) $41,507

Monthly Contributions $1,856.78(401k)
SP500 Performance -6.58%
My Monthly Investment Performance -7.24% (-0.66% vs SP500)
My Monthly Individual Stocks Performance -8.62% (-2.04% vs SP500)