Retirement Nestegg Report – June 2011

Retirement Nestegg Report – June 2011

Another negative month for my retirement nestegg report, but my investments beat the market pretty handily again this month. Heading the wrong direction from the $200,000 milestone but like I said last month I really don’t mind that at all as long as it means the market as a whole is headed south it will give me an opportunity to pick up some additional investments at less expensive values, but doubt we will get an opportunity like the crash of 2007-2009 anytime soon – though one can only hope. Here is my monthly report.

Traditional Rollover IRA – $15,541.70 (-0.46%)
My Roth IRA – $52,657.43 (-0.21%)
Wife Roth IRA – $27,449.60 (-2.97%)
Current Traditional 401k – $94,629.51 (-1.06%)

Roth/Traditional % = 42.10 % (tax free)

Total Retirement Nest Egg $190,278.24 (-1.06%)

Monthly Contributions $693.10 (401k)
SPY Performance -2.17%
My Monthly Investment Performance -1.42% (+0.75%)
My Monthly Individual Stocks Performance -1.05% (+1.12%)