Retirement Nestegg Report – June 2008

Retirement Nestegg Report – June 2008

Well overall a pretty ugly month if you are concerned with short-term investment performance. On the flip side a pretty exciting month if you are a buyer such as myself. Overall my retirement nestegg dropped by over 8% in just one month, but at the same time the stock market dropped over 9% last month so my investments may have actually made a little ground on the overall market last month.

I’m really excited to hear of all of this bear market talk and really hope the bear market is hear to stay for a while as at this stage in my life I am plowing a considerable amount of money into the stock market and I’d much rather be buying stocks falling 20-30% than having to purchase stocks who are constantly going up. I’ve often mused that someone my age who is contributing money for their retirement should be rooting for the stock market to get slaughtered and while the market hasn’t exactly gone down too dramatically yet, I’ll be happy to see my nestegg head closer to $50,000 than $100,000 if it means I get to buy some cheaper investments now and make more in the long run.

Anyway here is my monthly report.

Traditional Rollover IRA – $11,863.50 (-13.74%)
My Roth IRA – $27,675.02(-12.28%)
Wife Roth IRA – $16,071.38 (-9.79%)
Current Traditional 401k – $27,324.70 (+0.79%)

Roth/Traditional % = 52.75% (tax free)

Total Retirement Nest Egg $82,934.60 (-8.08%)