Retirement NestEgg Report – December 2006

Retirement NestEgg Report – December 2006

Well my retirement nestegg grew by 3% this month, which is great, but more importantly my retirement nestegg grew by 90.61% this year. Granted a majority of this gain is due to the fact that my nestegg is so small and a majority of the gains were due directly to my contributions, but it still is nice to see your retirement account nearly double in one calendar year regardless of the reason. One a side note as far as investment performance because my traditional 401k has not had any contributions this year I can easily calculate the investment performance of my 401k investments, which ended up being 15.26%, which bested the market by about 1.5% this year.

My Roth IRA – $ 11,400.40 (-3.33%)
Wife Roth IRA – $
12,982.65 (+3.21%)
Traditional 401K –
11,695.58 (+0.78%)
Roth 401K –
10,733.47 (+13.18%)

Total Retirement Nest Egg $46,812.10 (+3.00%)

Retirement NestEgg Value for last 12 months

My Contributions for 2006 $18,592
SPY Performance for 2006 +15.79%
Investment Performance for 2006 +14.37% (-1.42%)
Individual Stock Performance for 2006 +14.20% (-1.59%)
Total Investment Return +$3,603.49

2006 Retirement Nestegg Growth