My Best and Worst Stocks in 2023

My Best and Worst Stocks in 2023

In annual tradition I will list my best and worst individual stock performers for 2023.

My Best Performers
Bitcoin +154.96%
Crowdstrike +147.21%
Tesla +129.86%
Shopify +118.33%
Cloudflare +93.54%
Ethereum +92.82%
Amazon +77.04%
DataDog +68.37%
Chipotle +66.79%
Netflix +65.07%
Monday +57.26%
Apple +53.94%

Obviously a very good year overall for the entire market and a great year for some of my larger positions. I do have a few newish positions (only 3 years old) that had some strong performance with the cloud stocks (crowdstrike,datadog,cloudflare, monday) and the crypto that were high fliers this year, but what is even more telling for me is the massive performance by stocks I have literally held for over a decade in Tesla, Shopify, Amazon, Chipotle, Netflix, and Apple all coming in with 50% to 130% returns. Many of these are huge companies who have been growing rapidly forever and have made me loads of money already and here they are still in some cases almost 20 years after I bought them still propelling me rapidly to new nearly new highs.

This year will be the 20th anniversary of my first Netflix purchase and I’ve owned most of this bunch since the 2000s decade and some of them have gone up more than 100x in value from my original purchase. The only thing I had to do was do nothing. This is harder than it sounds as clearly we have to be staying up to date and listening to pundits and doing all kind of hard research in order to pick the best stocks and clearly the smart thing is to take profits off the table when a stock has had a huge run and companies can’t grow forever and it’s best to take money from those companies and invest in the next batch of up and comers and yeah……doing nothing is the hard part or at least it is initially.

I feel confident in the companies I’ve invested in and the leaders who run them. Picking out the best companies in the world is honestly not all that difficult. Great leaders running companies who only focus on making great products. You know those products when you use them. The first time you touched an iPhone, drove a Tesla, signed up for Netflix, ordered your first Amazon package, you knew deep down this was something at a completely different level that was going to change the world. Buy those companies and hold onto them forever – it will change your life.

My Worst Performers
Starbucks -4.78%

Starbucks is the only company who lost me money this year. Ironically after my sermon above I have never had a Starbucks coffee and don’t drink coffee so hard to get a strong conviction on this one other than I’m probably the only weirdo who doesn’t drink coffee and frequent Starbucks. I’ve also owned Starbucks since 2007 and it’s been a great performer for me over that time span.