My Best and Worst Stocks in 2022

My Best and Worst Stocks in 2022

In annual tradition I will list my best and worst individual stock performers for 2021.

Ethereum +407.64%
Moderna +143.11%
DataDog +80.93%
Cloudflare +73.05%
Microsoft +51.21%
Costco +50.67%
Tesla +49.76%
Apple +33.82%
Intuitive Surgical +31.76%

So one thing that probably pops out that I have now delved into the crypto sphere and while Ethereum is up 407% this year I am actually up much more as I put a trivial amount of money in at the beginning of the year to learn about it and have somehow managed that everything I bought with it has gone up a ridiculous amount and I am up like 600x my initial investment which was just a few hundred dollars. I still consider this entirely speculative and educational and would not be surprised to have all of it go to $0 as a chunk of it is in ETH, but also have some NFTs that in theory one could currently sell for a few hundred thousand

Not quite as crazy of a year as last year, but still some very strong performers and Tesla was up 50% which really makes a large impact on my portfolio.

Zoom -45.48%
Fubo TV -44.57
Arcimoto -41.19%
Twilio -22.20%
Crowdstrike -3.34%

Regarding my biggest losers most of these are very small allocations in my portfolio and were very speculative in nature when purchased other than Crowdstrike. I will continue to hold and see what happens long term.