March Madness Update

March Madness Update

If you followed the last couple days you know that I am participating in Free Money Finance’s March Madness.  So far my 4 submissions have been fairing pretty well, but I think I suffered my first loss or two.  All my games in round 2 were very close.

In my first game in round 2 Reasons why you should not save for retirement barely eeked out a victory by 2 votes over The Digerati Life’s   Walking In A Winter Wonderland for $1,300

It’s not official, but I think my post Get Rich!! Play the Lottery!! Somebody has to win edged out Blueprint for Financial Prosperity’s 25 Steps To A Wildly Successful Personal Finance Blog by 1 vote.  I honestly thought going into the tournament that 25 Steps had a good shot of winning the whole tournament so if I did indeed pull out the upset is a big surprise for me.

In my other games The True Cost of Owning a Home  tied Might Bargain Hunter’s Sixteen ways being disorganized costs you money. The winner was decided by a coin flip and we won’t find out till Round 3 who won.

Finally My Financial Journey’s Pimp Ride lost out to Punny Money’s Ten Ways Anyone Can Go to College With Zero Student Loans by 1 vote. 

If that doesn’t quench your March Madness thirst, MoneyBlogSite is hosting his own March Madness tournament of which MyFinancialJourney is participating in.  This tournament pits the top 64 personal finance bloggers against each other.  Unlike FreeMoneyFinance’s version, MyBlogSite just lets in 1 article per blog.  I selected Reasons why you should not save for retirement and am squaring off against Binary Dollar in Region 4, so please go vote for the blogs you think are the best.