Job Dilema – Update

Job Dilema – Update

Well I kind of stopped updating my job dilemma string of posts right now because I really didn’t want to make anything more overwhelming than it already is as far as companies, but figured I’d give an update on the whole situation and maybe apologize for my instability yesterday morning. This is probably more for my benefit than my readers, but I think it will be interesting to look back at my thought process during this point in my life and see how well I made decisions. So anyway here goes.

I currently have 4 hard offers on the table that I received between Wednesday and Saturday of this last week. One of those offers has a deadline of 8am on Monday morning which is probably the reason I have been so stressed out and this process went from enjoyable to stomach turning. If I were to wait through this next week I am somewhat confident that I could possibly get another two offers which would both be much closer to my home and be acceptable as far as hours and technology. One of those offers could be coming from the client I have been working at for the last 1.5 years, I let them know ahead of time that I would possibly be resigning from my consulting company this week and they really did not want to see me go, essentially they would cancel all the projects they have been taking on for the last year and a half if I were to leave. I would LOVE to work there, but they can’t get me a straight answer until Wednesday. To make matters even more complicated my current employer could try to stop this potential swap from happening. I am 90% sure I don’t have a non-compete signed with them, but am not 100% sure. The owner of my consulting company has been known to be very aggressive when it comes to protecting his revenue and has no qualms suing the heck out of everyone involved and often wins.

To make matters even more exciting, while I was interviewing at Company 2 last week, it turns out that while interviewing with the CIO he looks at my current company name, and says do you know that your company is here right now? I reply no I did not. He asks if they know I am looking to which I reply “NO”. The recruiter that I was with goes out to the lobby to cross my name out of the sign in book and it turns out my boss is signed in immediately after me and had a 1pm sales call at the same time I had my 1pm interview. Had she not been late for her sales call we would have met in the lobby. Needless to say I am certain she saw my name as the next morning was met with offers for lunch and IMs making sure I was happy with what I was working on, etc. Not entirely too scared about being fired, but it is not out of the realm of possibility.

At this point in time I am actually considering turning down Company 1, Company 2, and Company 4. Company 1 I have just heard too many bad things about from previous employees/consultants and the technology is out-dated, Company 2 is just too far away, and Company 4 the expected hours and technology being used just don’t suit my fancy. Only reason I am leaving Company 3 on the table is they are my recruiter and they may have a better consulting gig for me somewhere and they have no qualms about you leaving their company to go work for a client full-time so I could go there as an intermediary step first.

I guess we will call Company 5 my current client and I will see how things shake out with them next week. Honestly the probability of things going off without a hitch as far as me getting employed there is probably about 15% or less, but we will see.

I may be much pickier as to who I apply to in the near future so that I don’t have to turn down so many job offers like this, but to be honest I never imagined having this kind of success.

Now here is the question? Am I a moron to be thinking about turning down this kind of money per year for what may be somewhat overcomeable circumstances at the various companies, for the hope of something bigger and better that may never come? Even two months ago I could not have imagined even considering turning down anyone of these offers. I was making $57,000 a year and here I am thinking about turning down job offers over $20,000 more a year than that, with better bennies. I’m either delusionally confident with my value in the market place and ease of finding a job or I’m being smart and not settling with for a job that isn’t a perfect fit for me. I guess only time will tell, but I certainly waited too long to sell my PS3s and now I will be returning those to the store, hopefully I’m not letting the hype deflate from my job hunt also 8-|