Frugal Tip – Don’t buy shaving cream

Frugal Tip – Don’t buy shaving cream

Well I recently had a coworker send me an article on the evils of shaving cream and after reading the article I quit using shaving cream cold-turkey and I couldn’t be happier. Not only can I shave quicker and safer, but think of all the money I willl be saving by not every having to buy shaving cream or after-shave for the rest of my life. Well ok it’s not that much at less than $2 per can that probably lasts 3-4 months, but still if I can spend less money on something and get better results I’m a happy guy. Besides building lasting wealth is more about small boring montonous things like this rather than the get rich quick using some glamorous method that you saw on an infomercial or MSNBC.

Anyway back to the shaving, according to the article shaving cream makes you have wussy skin that is more suseptable to being irritated by the shaving process. The solution is to just kick the shaving cream and just start shaving with warm water. I have to admit I was highly skeptical at first and I almost gave it up after the first couple shaves, but honestly just like the author said after about a week your skin starts to adapt and no more cuts/bumps to worry about

Wean yourself from it for a week, and you will find that your shaves will be closer, unbloody, and quick. Imagine a full shave in less than a minute, with no cuts, gashes, or discomfort. It is within your grasp.

You will find that you will be able to shave ever more swiftly and with ever more abandon. A man can shave his whole face in 20 seconds without a single abrasion.

If you don’t feel safe going cold-turkey you can start using mineral oil. Anyway give it a try your face will thank you and you’ll save a few bucks in the process.