Free Money Finance March Madness Round 2 – Don’t let jim bully me around ;-)

Free Money Finance March Madness Round 2 – Don’t let jim bully me around ;-)

March Madness has hit the personal finance world over at Free Money Finance and the four posts I submitted to the tournament all made it through the first round (granted one of them had a bye).

In the 2nd round I believe Reasons why you should not save for retirement won a close battle with The Digerati Life’s Walking In A Winter Wonderland for $1,300.

Then Get Rich!! Play the lottery!! Somebody has to win
drew a tough 2nd round post in Blueprint for Financial Prosperity’s 25 Steps To A Wildly Successful Personal Finance Blog, but is currently pulling out the upset. I think jim’s (BluePrint) article is a very good article and I have referenced it to many new bloggers who come to me with questions, however I think my lottery post takes a pretty neat look at the true odds of winning the lottery and if I hold out to win this battle royal it will be quite an accomplishment for my little underdog blog.  Anyway the voting is open in this round until Wednesday afternoon so get out and vote (even if it’s for jim 🙂 )

Edit: He’s even bringing the big guns out now and is out on the campaign trail

I’ll let you know when my other two articles play and will give links to all of the bloggers and articles I play.  Otherwise just hang out court side at Free Money Finance and wait for the next batch of games to start.  I can’t wait to see who makes it into the sweet 16.  One thing’s for sure the articles will all be top notch.  I was just happy enough that FMF let my articles into the tourney.  The wins are just gravy.