Festival of Frugality #63 Recap

Festival of Frugality #63 Recap

The 63rd Festival of Frugality is hosted over at Stingy Students.  Stingy went with a stars of Food Network theme.  I’m a pretty big fan of the food network, especially Alton Brown (partly because his food is usually very practical and you learn a lot in the process).  Some of the other chefs are fun to watch, but you probably won’t find me even know where to get half of the ingredients they use.  Anyway my article on the Fine Line of Frugality is located under Ina Garten.

Here are some other articles that I enjoyed

Save Money, Save the Plant over at Bean-Sprouts
Talks about how most of the decisions that are good for your pocket book are often good for the environement and how the biggest impact on both is actually your energy consumption habits and not the latest green gizmo that is designed to save you money.  No sense in using technology to save you electricity if you are just going to use that energy savings up due to poor decisions.

Speaking of Bean Sprouts go check out Sprouting – The Easy Way to Grow Veggies at Frugal Upstate

Free Long Distance Phone Calls
Via Google Maps at FiveCentNickel
Very cool and surprised I had never heard of this before.  Basically make phone calls to businesses and Google foots the bill.  Great if you have to call a company that is long distance and that does not have an 800 number.

How I plan on using my tax return over at MoneyWalks
Great idea and one anyone with debt should do, there is no where else where you can come even close to getting that kind of return on your money.

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