Roth 401K Contribution Increase

Roth 401K Contribution Increase

Well our HR department sent out the form that allows us to modify our contribution percentage for the upcoming quarter. I went ahead and bumped up my percentage from 14% to 17.5%. This increase is a direct result of the planning I did in this post.

I’ll kind of be curious as to what this does to our disposable income. Obviously it will reduce it by 3.5%, but in the past anytime I made an increase to my savings rate I really did not notice it when it came to our money supply that is used to pay for our living expenses. I think I am finally getting to the tipping point where if I increase it anymore we will eventually start running out of money in our checking account, but hopefully this is not the case.

Another point to consider is that we are now saving 31.5% percent of our income before taxes, which I think is pretty descent accomplishment. I think I may look around at some of the other blogs out there and see if they have calculated anything like this before. Would be interesting to see how I compare.

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  • Tim

    Good deal, that’s a nice increase to your account and I’m sure you won’t notice! Dang – 31.5% of your income saved? That’s pretty good! I think you’re going to hit your goal of $100,000 pretty quick.

  • Wow, that is really awesome. Don’t forget that you want some accessible cash savings as part of your investments. That’s the first, and hopefully only, stop to make when you dip into savings.

    We keep a fixed dollar amount on hand but I am sure there a ton of ways to figure out your cash reserve.

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