Retirement Nestegg Report – May 2007

Retirement Nestegg Report – May 2007

Heh – another great month for my retirement nest egg. Up over 7% this month and creeping up on the $60,000 mark. It’s amazing how fast your accounts grow when you make regular contributions and just let the magic of the stock market do its thing. It’s been an amazingly long run of stellar stock market returns. In fact I think the last 5 years have been one of the longest consistent bull runs ever. Guess that means odds of things heading south for a bit are slightly higher.

Also sorry for my lack of posting lately. Same thing happened last year and this time of year I just have so much outside of work going on that I sort of put financials and computer time on the back burner for golf, trips up north, softball, chasing kids outside, etc. That and I’m tricking myself into thinking I am going to get back into shape and lose a few pounds (I’ll likely do about 8 pushups 2 days in a row and go back to my normal schedule). I’m not giving up on this blog and will at an absolute minimum update my financial reports each month and throw a post or two in. Things will pick back up in the fall and by the time winter hits I’ll likely be posting close to every day again. Anyway here are the numbers.

My Roth IRA – $12,306.13 (+10.45%)
Wife Roth IRA – $15,171.08 (+2.54%)
Old Employer Traditional 401K – $12,924.08 (+3.84%)
Old Employer Roth 401K – $14,062.50 (+3.97%)
Current Traditional 401k – $4,572.97 (+43.08%)

Roth/Traditional % = 70.36% (tax free)

Total Retirement Nest Egg $59,037.06 (+7.14%)

  • 7.14% Nice! I just had a little over 6% increase this month.

  • Excellent! My growth this month was less – I was unable to save as much as I would have liked. Still up $5,500 though

  • j2r

    Just started tracking my savings this month, so I’ll have an update next month 🙂
    But, good job anyways… 7.14% in one month is quite Nice

  • Luke

    Man…7% in one month? Does that include your contributions or is that flat out 7% increase in funds in there last month? What was your big gainer if you dont mind me asking…

  • MFJ

    It does include contributions maybe about 2.5% of that, but I did have some big gains. Biggest gainer was probably CDW with the buyout announcement, it was by far my biggest individual stock holding.

  • Luke

    Very cool..Thats a great month…I hope I can put together one of those…

  • My fist visit; congratulations on your saving and investing process. I read your May comment about the long-running bull. Please stop by my blog for a weekly status on our primary trend. My objective (nothing for sale) is to help people stay invested through uncertainty but to get out of the killer avalanche when the market finally rolls over. If you stop by, please leave a comment and tell me what you think. Thanks.

  • MFJ

    Thanks Andy – but I’m a pretty strong advocate against trying to time the market as well it’s impossible and I’ll welcome a killer avalanche anytime as I’m in it for the long-term and wouldn’t mind buying stocks at cheaper prices.

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