Retirement NestEgg Report – March 2007

Retirement NestEgg Report – March 2007

Well another positive month. A good chunk of the gain was due to deposits again, but all of my accounts except my Roth IRA had positive investment gains also. One thing to note is that I missed for the first time in my life my planned deposit to my Roth IRA account. I really got it in me for whatever reason to pay off my HELOC entirely and put a good $5000+ of my resources in the last month to paying off my HELOC entirely. This drained my cash reserves quite a bit so I did not feel safe making my monthly Roth IRA deposit because it might get my checking account too low and I get really nervous if it ever dips below $3,000. I also have a 0% credit card that I have been carrying a balance on that comes due in July and has about $5500 on it (primarily due to me putting all cash towards HELOC, paid over $10,000 in HELOC within the last year). Note- I have never left a balance on a non 0% credit card and never will. I don’t see the extra $5,500 being a challenge to pay off before July, but I may forgo another Roth IRA deposit this month just to be sure. Anyway here are the numbers.

My Roth IRA – $10,853.92 (-2.04%)
Wife Roth IRA – $14,390.80 (+2.91%)
Old Employer Traditional 401K – $12,003.90 (+1.66%)
Old Employer Roth 401K – $13,039.29 (+1.89%)
Current Traditional 401k – $1,874.64 (+303.5%)

Roth/Traditional % = 73.39% (tax free)

Total Retirement Nest Egg $52,162.55 (+3.73%)

  • Why did you decide to no roll your old 401k accounts into IRAs? Generally speaking keeping old 401ks is not a great straetgy. I actually have a post about the topic:

  • MFJ

    Well I have only been on my new job for about a month so far. Also I have some matching funds that are coming in June so it would be a major hassle if I roll them out before that. Then on top of it, it is nearly impossible to find a descent brokerage who is set up to do a Roth 401k to a Roth IRA rollover. So for right now the funds are sitting where they are.

    The previous 401k plan is actually excellent and I had about 60 different mutual funds to choose from, all no-load and very reasonable expense ratios. In fact because of them being investor shares I may be better off leaving them where they are because many of the mutual funds that I would invest in anyway have lower expense ratios through the old 401k.

    But yeah generally it is a good idea to roll them over to a self managed IRA at a discount broker or your favorite mutual fund family.

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