Retirement NestEgg Report – February 2007

Retirement NestEgg Report – February 2007

Well another good month for my total retirement nest egg as I broke the $50,000 barrier.  It was due entirely to contributions though as my investments all were in the red this month, partially due to yesterdays little dip.  As much as it’s fun to see me break the $50k mark I’d love it if yesterdays trend continued for a while and we went into a major bear market as I’d love to pick some more investments up on the cheap.  One thing to note is that I now have a new retirement plan on the list as I recently switched jobs.  Anyway here are the numbers.

My Roth IRA – $11,080.30 (-2.52%)  
Wife Roth IRA – $13,984.38 (-1.68%)
Old Employer Traditional 401K – $11,807.45 (-1.05%)
Old Employer Roth 401K – $12,797.47 (+12.20%)
Current Traditional 401k – $617.67 (new)

Roth/Traditional % = 75.29% (tax free)

Total Retirement Nest Egg $50,287.27 (+2.77%)

  • A great site, I love that your so young and so organised with your finances. I am doing my best to sort mine out after £18k of debt.

    It never seems to end.

    Thank you for inspiring me today!

    Robbie (27)

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