Retirement NestEgg Report – April 2007

Retirement NestEgg Report – April 2007

Another pretty good month for my retirement nest egg. The stock market sure has been on a good tear for a long time now, which honestly kind of stinks. While it’s nice to see your accounts going up every month, I certainly wouldn’t mind being able to buy stuff on the cheap at my age if we went through a couple years of downturn. One thing to note is for the last two months I have missed my Roth IRA contributions. This is due partly because I decided to splurge and pay off my HELOC. I’m hoping this month I’ll be able to squeeze some money into my Roth IRA accounts, but if not either way I plan on still maxing them both out by the end of the year (this is the first year I didn’t max both accounts out on Jan 1 – again due to me wanting to eliminate my HELOC first). Anyway here are the numbers.

My Roth IRA – $11,142.22 (+2.65%)
Wife Roth IRA – $14,795.05 (+2.81%)
Old Employer Traditional 401K – $12,446.10 (+3.68%)
Old Employer Roth 401K – $13,525.55 (+3.73%)
Current Traditional 401k – $3,196.06 (+70.49%)

Roth/Traditional % = 73.39% (tax free)71.61%

Total Retirement Nest Egg $55,104.98 (+5.64%)

  • Wow, great progress last month! Incredible, you are putting some scratch together quite fast.

    Keep up the great work,

    -Sam from

  • Excellent progress, you outpaced the market. Even if you did so by kicking in some cash – bravo! Keep it up.

  • I noticed you listed your “Old Employer 401(k)”, etc. Do you intend to roll this over into an IRA with a brokerage such as T Rowe Price or ? All things being equal, I would not advise keeping it with your employer. Get it into your own account where no one can touch it but you.

    Also, I think it’s a smart move to go ahead and pay off your HELOC and lock in some of the gains you’ve made in the stock market. I’ve gone ahead and gotten a bit more defensive in my portfolio in anticipation of the “summer swoon”.

    Keep plugging away, you’re doing great.

  • MFJ


    * I do plan on rolling over my 401k – although to be honest I’m probably just as good leaving it with my previous 401k as I have tons of good choices and some of the funds are investor shares which actually have a lower expense ratio than I can get on my own. That being said I do plan on rolling them over in the near future as the discount brokerages are finally allowing Roth 401k rollovers.

    As far as “locking in gains” I’ve made in the stock market I don’t necessarily agree with this idea. I don’t try or believe I can time the market. I’m hoping to not have to sell 99% of my investments until I’m retired or at least until I decide to move my asset allocation to a more conservative fixed income part. I pretty much buy and forget. Either way I won’t react to the ups and down of the stock market as all you’ll end up doing is hurting your returns and making the brokerages rich.

    Thanks for the compliment and I’m gonna keep plugging away.

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