My first day at new job

My first day at new job

Well today is my first day at my new employer. It was easy finding jobs, but is was difficult deciding which job was the best for me (as you can tell if you’ve followed my blog this month). Anyway today is a new start for me and hopefully puts me a couple steps closer to meeting my financial goals and needs. In fact in the near future I’m probably going to have to revisit my original financial goals as I’m afraid it’s just going to be too easy for me to reach my current set of goals due to the fact that I’m making more money now and well will be stuck contributing to a traditional 401k instead of a Roth 401k so I’ll be contributing a lot more principal now and won’t necessarily be better off for it.

Regardless I think today is a good day for me and hopefully a couple years down the road I’ll look back on this and decide a I made a wise decision.

  • Best of luck in your new job! I changed jobs three years ago for more money and an industry change. Looking back it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

  • Never be ashamed of kicking the butt out of your goals, but setting the bar higher is always a good thing.

    Congratulations on the new job.

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