My First Carnival!

I am participating in my first carnival this week (Carnival of Personal Finance) hosted at Personal Finance Advice. I submitted “Reasons you should not save for retirement” article to the carnival, while it pails in comparison to the quality of the other articles in the carnival, I felt it was one of the better articles I have written so far (I actually proofread it after I wrote it). Anyway you check out the carnival here.

Jeffrey Strain of, who always seems to do things a little differently than everyone else, which is one of the reasons I visit is blog probably the most of any of the personal finance bloggers, decided to arrange the articles in the order the blog was created and include a link to everyone’s first post. Pretty cool idea and it really gives you an idea of how long everyone’s been blogging. Only 4 of the blogs participating in the carnival started before 2005 (Roth & Company Tax Update has been around since 2001!) and one of the bloggers started last Thursday. Anyway check out the Carnival!

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