My best and worst stocks in 2017

My best and worst stocks in 2017

Well as with my portfolio in general I had some high flyers when it came to my individual stocks. I had 3 stocks more than double and 11 stocks outperform the market out of my 27 individual stocks. Overall it doesn’t take too many winners to wipe out a lot of losers and well I sure had a lot of big winners this year. Looking at this list I feel very good about their prospects long term even given the large run up in 2017. Panera was bought out so that is no longer part of my portfolio. It is also interesting that some of my biggest winners this year are pretty massive companies and have been winners for me for quite a few years (Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Tesla).

Arista Networks +142.71%
Shopify +135.87%
IPG Photonics Corp +116.77%
Proto Labs +95.08%
Intuitive Surgical +70.59%
Panera +56%
Amazon +55.17%
Netflix +50.57%
Apple +45.70%
Tesla +43.49%
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners +34.00%

Now to my losers. 3D systems did it again! Every year I have owned it, it has easily made my best/worst list. Thankfully it’s only worth 0.13% of my portfolio and is currently down 73% for me.

3D systems annual performance
2012 +90.40%
2013 +172.91%
2014 -63.79%
2015 -73.63%
2016 +52.93%
2017 -36.89%

The big kick in the gut with this list was Under Armour and Chipotle, both of who have been very good long term wealth accumulators for me and which had previously been a pretty good portion of my portfolio. They both have their current short term struggles and I am more than willing to give them a few years to work things out.

Under Armour -48.29%
3D Systems -36.89%
Zoes Kitchen -28.79%
Chipotle -22.88%