June 2007 – Retirement NestEgg Report

June 2007 – Retirement NestEgg Report

Well I managed to stay positive this month (barely) completely due to contributions and finally getting matching funds from my previous employer. This month isn’t exactly 100% precise as I don’t know exactly how much of the matching funds is mine anymore due to it only being 20% vested so I took a stab at it. Hopefully by next month this money will show up in Rollover IRAs and I will be back on tracking it to the penny (as if that matters). Anyway here are the figures for this month. Hopefully next month I break through the $60,000 mark.

My Roth IRA – $11,974.83 (-2.69%)
Wife Roth IRA – $15,018.07 (-1.01%)
Old Employer Traditional 401K – $13,253.70 (+2.55%)
Old Employer Roth 401K – $13,966.71 (-0.68%)
Current Traditional 401k – $5,767.62 (+26.12%)

Roth/Traditional % = 67.91% (tax free)

Total Retirement Nest Egg $59,267.92 (+0.39%)

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    I just came across your blog, but wanted to say great job on setting your financial goals. I was reading some of your previous postings and it made me wonder if I was able to make $100,000 when I was 30 (it was a year ago). The reason I didn’t know is because I don’t give myself financial milestones. So far my plan has maxing out my current employers 401k and my yearly ROTH IRA contributions. Therefore I went back and looked…

    Here are my amounts when I was 30…
    My Roth IRA – $10,142.67 (+4.9% ROR)
    Old Employer SAR-SEP – $4,978.82 (+7.3% ROR)
    Current Traditional 401k – $93,313.91 (+8.49% ROR)

    Total Retirement Nest Egg = $108,435.40

    Of course, it was even better seeing the amount at age 31…
    My Roth IRA – $15,009.26 (+13.2% ROR)
    Old Employer SAR-SEP – $5,608.54 (+11.2% ROR)
    Current Traditional 401k – $130,451.68 (+8.40% ROR)
    Additional Investments – $11,221.37 (+5.05% ROR)

    Total Retirement Nest Egg = $162,290.85

    Best of luck to you achieving your financial goals!!

  • Congrats on the promotion. It’s nice being able stay in the positive, though the last 2 years have made it relatively easy. We really haven’t had a major downturn in a while which always make s me nervous.

  • MFJ

    Why nervous? I’d actually look forward to a major downturn as I’ve got a long ways to go and would rather be putting my money into a down market instead of a constantly rising one.

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