Job Dilema – Company 2 Overview

Job Dilema – Company 2 Overview

Type of Company – Smaller company that develops software for 401ks, pensions, and payroll

My Role – I would be part of a growing development team. Top notch all the way around, would be using latest and greatest, very intelligent people, very developer centric. Top of the line equipment, could wear shorts and t-shirts to work, looks it would be a blast to work there.

Career Advancement – Not sure about moving up, but whatever skills I don’t have already I would have after working here for a few years and I guess would have even better luck at finding a new job if I found it necessary.
Work schedule – Told 40 hours is the norm, the believe that their people can get done what they need to get done in 40 hours.

Drive Time – 55-60 minutes in ideal conditions, due to location and only one good way to get there with a horrible bridge for traffic it could be 90 minutes + in bad weather and bad traffic.

Salary – $78,000 and I would be at the lowest end of their pay scale. They are willing to bring people in at $100,000 per year but don’t like boosting people entirely too much off the bat (only $16k 🙂 ), but if I pan out again I can expect to move up through that range.

401k –401k match 100% of first 3%. Has vesting schedule.

Health insurance and Dental – $320 per paycheck for health and dental with $3,000 deductible and 90% coverage with a max of $5,000 out of pocket. They do however contribute 106 per paycheck to your HSA account.
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  • Well, I’ve read this whole series of posts about your job situation. Congratulations on starting ‘the next’ chapter of your career. I think this job- working on 401k and retirement software- sounds the best. Now, I’ve got a preference for this stuff because I use it in my own office, but I do think its a solid career choice. The retirement planning environment is in its infancy, and software is definitely playing a big role going forward. If you can do a good job here and pull in 100k within a few years, go for it! You’ll hit those financial goals a lot faster.

    It seems like your primary objectives are spending time with your family (ulimately) and being financially comfortable. If you can withstand the job, this jobs sounds the best. Best of luck.

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