I got a promotion!!

I got a promotion!!

Well I have only been at my new employer for just barely 5 months, but yesterday I got called into the CFO’s office and was told that I would be getting a promotion and a 10% raise. My previous manager decided to leave the company and this opened up an opportunity for me. I never applied for the position and in fact didn’t even know if this position was being replaced, so I was quite suprised to hear about my promotion.

Not only did I get a 10% raise, but I moved up a pay grade and now am eligible for up to 30% of my salary in an annual bonus. Compound that with the fact that my company effectively matches 9.5% of my salary including bonuses for my 401k and it ended up being a pretty sweet deal for me.

The weird thing is I’m a manager (well at least that’s my title – I will still likely be spending a majority of my time being an architect/developer). I have one person reporting to me and am in charge of about 4-5 consultants. I’m not exactly sure I want to head down the road of full-time manager for my career, but for right now I’ll take the money and the experience. Guess that MBA degree that I picked up after college is starting to pay off.

Anyway I had just mentioned that my career was really starting to take off when I was talking about planning to build a full-court basketball court down the road, I just never thought it would take off quite this fast. I haven’t really sat down to figure out the financial implications of my promotion, but all I know is reaching my financial goals is getting much much easier as time goes on. In fact now it’s getting downright fun. I guess I’d have to agree with FreeMoneyFinance when he says your career is your #1 financial asset.

  • sweet. Congrats on your newfound wealth! Got plans on what you are going to do with the influx of $$$?

  • Congrats, after 5 months. Take the opportunity and forward

  • wow- you’ve got a lot of good news in your life these days! Congrats!

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