Feb 2006 – Retirement NestEgg Report

Feb 2006 – Retirement NestEgg Report

Seeing as how I solidified my $100,000 by Age 30 Goal and seeing as how the goal is based simply on contributions alone, I think I will release a separate post each month detailing the process on that goal as the numbers will be different than Net Worth Report. I’m also contemplating changing the name of my “Net Worth Report” to “Retirement Nest Egg Report” as I think that better describes what I am tracking.

Anyway here is the report, a good chunk of this month’s increase was due to the $4,000 deposit I made in my wife’s IRA for 2006.

My Roth IRA – $11,235.22 (+1.45%)
Wife Roth IRA – $11,819.68 (+47.67%)
Traditional 401k – $11,197.88 (+4.36%)
Roth 401k – $606.23 (-1.45%)

Total Retirement Nest Egg $34,859.01 (14.58%)

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