Electronic tax filing results

Electronic tax filing results

I’ve been filing my returns electronically for the last 4-5 years and each year the process gets smoother and smoother.  This year I filed by taxes electronically last Sunday.  My state return showed up in my bank account on Wednesday and my federal return showed up on Friday.  I was impressed to file and get my money back in the same week.  Maybe I hit a dead spot, but either way it with that fast of a turnaround it makes me think that things are getting more and more automated so even in peak times I would think turn around should be pretty fast if done electronically. 

In case anyone is wondering I took my tax money and then some and used it to pay down my HELOC.  I haven’t talked too much about my HELOC on this blog partly because I’ve been pretty diligent about paying it off on my own.  I took it out 1.5 years ago when we purchased our house and the balance was at $16,500.  After yesterdays payment I only have $1,000 remaining, I’m still trying to estimate my cash flow out for next month and may be able to just go ahead and pay the entire thing off as I’ve seen to had a good string of luck lately running into unexpected money.

Edit: I actually just paid it off entirely. Feels good to pay off debt 🙂

Back to taxes – remember you have until April 17th this year to file your taxes, but if you are getting a refund you may want to go ahead and get your money back before then, it’s painless and quick if you file electronically.

  • I am still procrastinating on my taxes. Resolved to call the accountant this week. Will probably have the same resolution next week… I hate tax season…

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