Carnival Recaps & March Madness Update

Carnival Recaps & March Madness Update

This week I participated in two carnivals and still have one post in the Personal Finance March Madness contest.

The Carnival of Personal Finance #92 was hosted at LazyManAndMoney this week. My article on million dollar kids – give me a break!
made the Honorable Mentions Category right below the Editors choice. As usual many good articles.  Below are some of my favorites

The Festival of Frugality #66 was hosted today at The Frugal Duchess.  My now famous article on the Frugal cure for a sore throat is found at the very bottom (must have saved the best for last).  Here are some articles that caught my eye.

Finally somehow through some stroke of luck, one my articles(The True Cost of Owning a Home) made it to the Elite 8 over at FreeMoneyFinance’s March Madness and looks like it is on it’s way to the Final Four.

  • Thanks very much for the mention!

  • Thanks a lot for citing our post.
    FIRE Finance

  • Ben

    Yes, Spring Break, those were the days! We had a lot of fun on just a little money. Thanks for the mention!

  • I loved your sore throat cure!
    It was a “hot” post.
    I will give it a special highlight later in the week.

    Thanks for the link to the Festival!!
    Take care

  • Thank you for the high light!

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