Carnival of Personal Finance No. 91

Carnival of Personal Finance No. 91

The Carnival of Personal Finance #91 is being held over at The Sun’s Financial Diary this week. My article on I just don’t get it – what is the big deal about gas prices is down towards the very bottom.

As usual a ton of articles were submitted. Here are a few that I enjoyed

  • My Money Blog’s review of Prosper (Took a very good objective look of Prosper – turns out it’s not all sunshine,roses, and 10%+ returns)
  • Broke Now Rich Later’s Taxation Diversification posts – (I have often talked about this and I’m afraid I’ve just got too much put away in retirement accounts that will prevent me from retiring before age 59.5 (although I do have access to all principal deposits I put into Roth IRA accounts). One point I would make about this article is that if you have a good mix of Traditional and Roth accounts you an manage your taxes by taking as much as possible out of the traditional account until you get to a certain tax bracket and then topping it off with tax free Roth money).
  • The “Get Rich Quick Fallacy” over at Stubborn Capitalist (I think he hits the nail on the head, the programs aren’t necessarily scams, but if you want to be successful it is going to require lots of time and hard work. It’s not easy and something you can do in your spare time like they promote. I have had friends and family members do pretty well with some of the MLM programs, but it was essentially a full-time job outside of their full-time job and even then they decide the work involved wasn’t worth it after a while.)
  • Poorer Than You’s The Road to Millions Starts at Age 16 – (Even though I knew the importance of compounding well before 16 I never followed through and didn’t start saving for retirement until I was 24 – what a complete waste that was and how incredibly harder it will be for me to get where I want to be because I waited so long to start saving for retirement).
  • Sun

    Thanks for linking to the Carnival!

  • Thanks for linking my article, and I’m glad you liked it! I don’t think age 24 is particularly “late” to start investing for retirement, at least not compared to most people I know! I think so long as you have actually started, then at least you’re in the game, and that’s what really matters.

  • Thanks for the recognition. For all the math I used to find out what mix would be ideal for my financial situation, I’m quikly moving to the point where I have limited flexibility. That is, unless I change jobs again, which is highly unlikely.

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