Carnival of Personal Finance #95 Recap

Carnival of Personal Finance #95 Recap

This week’s Carnival of Personal Finance is being held over at AccumulatingMoney. Each host usually puts their personal touch on the carnival and this week is no different. AccumulatingMoney actually put all the articles in a grid which is sortable by column (if you are using IE). It’s even AJAXY so no post backs 🙂 The geek in me love’s this touch and then you don’t have to worry as much about people complaining about where their article got placed in the carnival. My article on Save for tomorrow – but don’t forget to live today is included in the article

Here are my initial top picks from the carnival.

  • The Finance Buff talks about Who pays for credit card rewards and rebates – Very interesting article seeing as how I just was complaining about losing some of my rewards privileges. Nothing surprising but more comprehensive than I would have originally thought. I would have just pinned it mainly on people who don’t pay off their bill each month. Unfortunately the rewards card perks are drying up pretty fast as of late. Not exactly sure why, but my guess is because the banks are trying to prepare for fallout in profit from the poor lending decisions the last decade or so with mortgages, so perks like rewards cards are being scaled back to help build up a buffer.

Ahh heck – There aren’t as many articles as normal (maybe because AccumulatingMoney did a great job of weeding out the chaff), but honestly In the first 10 articles I probably ran across 7 that get my approval and see a bunch more that look very enticing, so sorry for this week your homework assignment is to read the entire carnival. Tons of good stuff.

  • Thanks for picking out my article from many great posts in the carnival. I’m glad to read your thoughts too. I’m so tired of seeing everything we buy today being compounded to a large number in the future. No advocating spending money frivolously, but you do have to live, today. Set yourself a savings rate, mine at 25% of gross, and spend the rest however you want.

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