Carnival of Personal Finance #79 and compliments

Carnival of Personal Finance #79 and compliments

The Carnival of Personal Finance # 79 is being held at A Penny Saved and there are an enormous amount of articles included in this week’s carnival, including one by me on “The pursuit of a perfect savings rate

As you can see I haven’t been the most faithful blogger in the world and even though I was going more for quality posts than just posting something every day for the sake of posting it (IE: ING raised their interest rates again), I really did get sidetracked for quite a while where I was barely getting more than a post or two a month and really not much of anything with substance lately.

Well anyway I was bumming around on A Penny Saved and found this very flattering review of my site done about 6 months ago. Somehow even though A Penny Saved is one of the sites I follow I never saw this post. Well needless to say it was kind of exciting to find out that someone else actually reads my blog and actually like the content and writing too 🙂 Also makes me feel kind of bad for not putting as much effort into maintaining the site as I should have and hopefully this spurs me into sitting down and putting more thoughts down on my blog.

So thanks again to A Penny Saved for hosting the carnival, reviewing my blog, and giving me a reason to start posting more.

  • I’m very happy you’re making a come back. I personally love your blog and also feel you are a great asset to the community. Even a few posts a month is definitely much better than nothing, and I look forward to reading more 🙂

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