Carnival of Investing #18

This week I am participating in the Carnvial of Investing #18 being hosted over at BluePrint for Financial Prosperity. I submitted my article on Realist Rate of Return, which right now is a 3-part post, but I hope to be adding at least 1 or two more parts to the series this week. There aren’t a ton of entries in the carnival at this point due to some confusion as of late with this carnival due to the creator of the carnival (RetireAt30) being MIA. Hopefully he is alright, but in the meantime if you wish to participate in this carnival you will need to email your submission directly to the weekly host as the submission forms over at Conservative Cat and Blog Carnival no longer work. Jim @ BFBluePrint will be accepting entries to this week’s carnival until Tuesday night otherwise if you wish to participate in next week’s carnival it’s probably safest just to contact Kirby on Finance (next week’s host) directly through his contact form.

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