Best Jobs in America

Best Jobs in America

CNN has an article today that lists the Top jobs in America. The #1 job listed was Software Engineer, which is essentially what I do for a living. I’ve also noticed that a pretty good chunk of personal finance bloggers are also software engineers. Interesting survey and it kind of makes it hard to complain about your job if its ranked #1 in the country, but I still don’t think I’ll be doing this my whole life. While I enjoy the work and it’s good money (although I don’t make anywhere near the average salary listed in the survey), I eventually will want a job with a little more freedom or that is more rewarding.

I’ve already got my Master’s degree and well #2 on the list is College Professor, which I have considered but I hear getting your PHD is a real pain. The other thought is becoming a high school teacher. High school teachers don’t make big bucks, but they do have other perks….namely June, July, and August. My wife is a teacher…err well will be one once she stops popping out kids and it would be pretty cool if we both had our entire summers off to golf and travel. Plus I’d love to have the extra time to do volunteer work or coach sports.

Anyway I don’t see a career change until the old retirement nestegg hits 7 figures, but in the meantime it doesn’t hurt to explore your options.

  • I can tell you as a software engineer, I seriously considered starting a new career.

    Finding a new job where your boss says “thanks” every now and then is worth a ton. Its the little things that matter, and when they are missing, it looks like you don’t enjoy what you do, when really it is the environment you are doing it in you don’t like.

    So changing jobs made me realise that I liked what I did for a living, I just was just working at the wrong company for the wrong people.

    Maybe you are not a software engineer at heart or maybe a change in environment will help.

  • My Financial Journey

    I actually enjoy the company I work for, granted there are some things that I would like to change, but the people I work with are great and I like development. It’s just at some point down the road I’d like to do something different.

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