Balancing your checkbook….necessary?

Balancing your checkbook….necessary?

I know I just wrote about how I have never kept a budget for my expenditures, well another potentially taboo thing that I just realized that I fail to do is balance my checkbook, at least in the traditional sense of the word. I guess things are a lot different these days with the invention of that internet thing and internet banking, but the only time I have ever had to balance a checkbook was in my high school record keeping class. Which I believe was right after my personal typing class (we actually used typewriters and correction tape and there was no such thing as a Backspace button)


Anyway I probably check my online checking and credit card accounts every day, but I have never sat down and actually checked to see if the checks I wrote out actually balanced out with what was in my checking account. Partly because I’m an online bank account checking nazi and partly because I really don’t write that many checks.

How about you, do you balance your personal checkbook the old fashioned way?  Or I guess should first ask do you actually still write checks?

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