2nd Chase Cash Plus Rewards Card

2nd Chase Cash Plus Rewards Card

Well I maxed the $300 annual reward limit on my Chase Cash plus rewards card and I was dissappointed to find out that you can no longer get the card online anymore. Well through a friend I found out that you can still get this card by going into the actual Chase branches. I did so this afternoon and have my 2nd Cash Plus Rewards card on the way.

The great thing about this card is that it pays 5% back on gas and groceries and 1% on everything else. What’s even better about this card is that it treats every single purchase at my local Super Walmart as Groceries and thus I get 5% back on all my Walmart purchases. Seeing as how I am already a Walmart junky this comes in very handy.Also when signing up for the card I tried to pin the guy down about the future of this card, and he assured me that while Chase may phase out offering this card in the near future it will grandfather me into my existing program and I will be able to keep using it under these terms even if they kibosh the program. I don’t believe a word he told me as credit card companies can change their terms and conditions any time they want and likely if they are killing the program it wasn’t very profitable for them and they really have very little reason to grandfather the rest of the people in.

I also asked about the initial balance transfer optoins, bt as far as balance transfers go this card really stinks. When the new card comes I will get 0% interest on all purchases for 12 months, but they charge you 3% on all balance transfers and they would only preapprove me with a $10k credit limit. So I guess I will just use my two cash plus rewards cards for all my spending, I should be able to get about $600 a year in free money doing this and if I decide to play the balance transfer game I will use a more friendly company like Citi to do that.

Anyway if you like this card you can still get it by stopping in at a local Chase bank, personally I would probably recommend the Citi cards due to their flexible terms and ease of use (like requesting balance transfer online through web page and no fees), but I do all my other banking with Chase so I had some motivation to try to make things work within the Chase world. Unfortunately Citi does not have any banks that I know of in my area.

  • Check out the HSBC Credit card. Here’s a funny story. I got an offer for 0% for 12 months. I didn’t actually have any balance to transfer so I called them up to ask how I could do a balance transfer. My plan was to overpay one of my other cards and request a refund from the company. Turns out that I didn’t need to do any of that. The HSBC rep OFFERED to wire $15,000 to my checking account and classify that as a balance transfer. I said ok and within 3 days, I had 15k in cash in my checking account. I immediatly rolled that money into an HSBC high yield savings account.

    Moral of the story…Call the rep and ASK them for balance transfer checks. There is a good chance that they will offer to wire the money to your checking account.

  • Bing Mei

    I’ve been using my favorite card: Citibank dividend platinum select because it offers 5% back on purchase at supermarket, drug store, and gas station. Sadly, they are phasing it out, and will only offer 2% starting in October. Now i’m looking at the Chase card that you mentioned. My question is, if the offer is only good for the first year, then you have to apply every year for a new card? Isn’t that horrible for your credit score?

  • My Financial Journey

    The card that I applied for is not the one that only has this promotion for the first 12 months, it is has those terms all the time.

    It is the Chase Cash Plus Rewards Card with 5% at grocery & gas and 1% everywhere else. They stopped offering applications to this card on-line. A little known fact is that you can still get this card by applying in person at a Chase bank. The guy there assured me that they will still honor these terms even after they phase the card out (which is what they appear to be doing).

  • Bing Mei

    So you are saying if I walk into a chase bank and aply for the cash plus reward card, its 5% on gas/grocery and 1% on everything else (no tier system like Discover card?) for as long as I have the card and they offer the plan? I thought the promotion was only first 12 month. So my question is that you applied for a 2nd credit card because you maxed out their $300/year reward? How does that work? they just issue you a new credit card, and you dont use your old card til the next year?

  • Correct – I know they have a new card that is tiered and after the first 12 months the rewards go down (I believe that card is the Chase Free Cash Rewards or Chase Flexible Rewards).

    The card I applied and received is the Chase Cash Plus Rewards card, about 2 months ago they stopped offering it online, but as a service to their customers who frequent the branch locations they still offer the Cash Plus Rewards Card, but you have to apply at a Chase bank location.

    As far as the 2nd card, yup they just issue me a 2nd card and it has its own rewards cap. I asked about when the rewards cap is maxed when it zeros back out again and they said Jan 1. So now that I have two cards I should be set and be able to get $600 in rewards a year, assuming I actually spend that much and that Chase does in fact honor the card going forward even if they do eliminate it for new customers.

    Hope this helps.

  • Bing Mei

    I found an application form online for a chase card, is this the same one? http://www.firstusa.com/cgi-bin/webcgi/webserve.cgi?partner_dir_name=chase_cashplus_ch01_fsi&page=cont&msc=Z0049034
    the names seem to be the same, and i was able to apply online. I hope i didn’t get the wrong card.

  • Hmm that appears to be the same card, although both of mine are Visa cards. Don’t know what to tell you, sure looks like the same card.

  • Caroline

    Thank you SO much for noting that they count Walmart for the 5%. I just received the same card in the mail and was wondering just what will show up as “grocery” since i usually end up buying my groceries at walmart, like you, or Target. Could you please tell me if that is still the case for you, and also if you know anything about Target? Does it matter what you buy while there?

    Good luck on your goals!

  • My Financial Journey

    From my understanding it is on a store by store basis. I have found that most Super Wal-Marts are coded as grocery stores so all purchases are treated as groceries and get the 5% back. My guess is Target would be listed as a normal store, but really it is how the individual store registers themselves.

  • Chubbs

    We received letter today that Cash Plus Rewards is changing to “Freedom” card. What a rip off! Goes from 5% to 3%…

  • DJConan

    Only 13 months since last comment, but I found this by looking around for some information. I’ve been using this Chase Cash Plus Rewards card for a few years now. I knew the program was being phased out and was worried that when my card expires, I was losing the 5%.

    Yesterday, I received my new card. It states right on the included letter that the rewards will remain the same. When I called to activate the card, I was also told that the rewards were not changing.

    I’ve been using this card strickly for gas and groceries and I do not reach the $300/yr max.

  • MFJ

    @DJConan –

    Good to hear. I actually have two Cash Plus rewards card and I come very close to maxing both of them out each year.


  • Matt

    I actually have the Freedom card now and I find that I actually do better with it. Sure I only get 3% on groceries and gas, but then I also get 3% on which ever category is my next most expensive (usually rotates between utilities, online purchases, and restaurants). Plus, after getting $200 in rewards you can request a check for $250. I usually get just under three checks each year which would top out the $600/year you could get with two of the cards mentioned here.

  • MFJ

    Yeah I actually get the same $250 for $200 deal with this card (just found out about it recently) so I should be able to get even more now. I average about $50 per month, so this should net me about an extra $200 per year. I will have to evaluate the freedom card to see if its any better. Chase Cash Plus Rewards is 3% on gas and grocery and I think thats just about it now.

    Thanks for the comment!

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