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Month: April 2014

Retirement Nestegg Report – March 2014

Retirement Nestegg Report – March 2014

Well I guess things can’t keep going up forever and I can’t destroy the SP500 every single month. After breaking $400k for the first time earlier this month my portfolio took a little dip backwards and my investments greatly under-performed the market this month. The only saving grace was that my employer’s very generous 401k matching and bonus program both hit this month so about an extra $8k went into my 401k this month that makes the month not look quite as bad as as it actually was.

To be honest I feel much more comfortable with things heading south especially after the almost unprecedented run-up and prosperity we have seen in the stock market the last 5 years, I’m still somewhat young and have a long investing career ahead of me so the more pessimistic the stock market is the better off it will be for me in the long run.

Taxable Account – $5,336.62 (-1.43%)
Traditional Rollover IRA – $32,879.53 (-5.21%)
My Roth IRA – $103,836.82 (-6.70%)
Wife Roth IRA – $57,565.12 (-4.97%)
Traditional 401k – $187,559.51 (+4.85%)

Roth/Traditional % = 44.59% (tax free)

Total Retirement Nest Egg $387,177.60 (-0.94%)

Monthly Contributions $8,483.36 (401k)
SPY Performance +0.69%
My Monthly Investment Performance -3.11% (-3.80% vs SP500)
My Monthly Individual Stocks Performance -5.83% (-6.52% vs SP500)